Are you feeling called to Peru?

We're inviting 8 flow-seekers to the heart of Andean culture and wisdom.

Experience the Andes like a local. Join a team of Andean Maestros for a powerful, joyful and transformational trip of a lifetime through the Sacred Valley of The Inca.

Experience the energy, magic, healing and majesty of the Peruvian Andes. The colourful traditions, Ancient wisdom and Ancestral Medicine that have been kept alive for eons, awaiting our return.


Quick facts

  • October 1-18 (Option to do 2 weeks also)
  • Local guides as well as FlowTribe guides
  • All inclusive (just get yourself here)
  • No prior experience required- Just an open mind & willing heart


What will you learn/ do?

By day

  • Visit sacred sites
  • Partake in ceremony
  • Immerse in nature


  • Connecting & Story-telling
  • Ceremony & Contemplation

You're invited on a remarkable pilgrimage through the most important and powerful sacred sites, temples and portals of the Andes mountains and the Sacred Valley of the Inca in Peru. 

This is a FlowQuest, in collaboration and partnership with Anchoring the Light & Jemmita Gawned. Jemmita has spent many months over the past few years traveling with a group of local "Maestro's" or Medicine men, who call themselves "Paqo's". She has been initiated into their ways, and taught from direct lineage holders of an ancient tradition. 

The following information is written by Jemma:

During our pilgrimage through the mountains and sacred sites, we will work with the ancestral Medicine of the Andes, Wachuma. 

Maestro Wachuma is a medicine of the heart and gently allows us to be shown where in our physical, mental or spiritual being we are holding onto anything that may be holding us apart from Joy and Love and it then allows us to liberate it with forgiveness once and for all. It will also help to deepen our exisiting practices and insight for those already on a spiritual path. 

This is a gentle medicine and is suitable for all ages but due to the deep nature of the work we are sorry but it is not suitable for children to join. It is however, perfect for those that are wanting and willing to uncover their deep sub conscious blocks and improve their lives exponentially. It is as much about Joy as it is about healing! After all, when we give to ourselves generously in this way, then the entire world around us receives. 

Our guides are local 'Paqo's' or what we know as Shamans, that come from a long ancestral lineage of curandero's (Medicine men and women/Healers.) They are of the highest integrity and humility, they exude complete care and love and are at our service for absolutely anything we need ad they guide us through the mountains and through our processes.

It really is the pilgrimage of a lifetime. We stay in beautiful accomodation, eat amazing food. There are experiences of both top shelf dining  and feasting on home cooked banquets with locals in their communities. All dietary restrictions can be catered for.

We receive teachings from elders and Maestros that are revered and sought out from all around the globe. We get to experience Peru the real way, in all its colour, powerful clear energy and majesty whilst still in complete comfort so we have time to relax, enjoy and integrate our individual processes. 

Your Guides for this Quest

good one.jpg

My name is Jiro Taylor. I'm the founder of Flowstate & FlowTribe. My passion is in holding the space for transformation to occur and potential to emerge.

Over the past 10 years Ive studied flow, and various subjects that pertain to human potential. My personal exploration of self and nature has drawn me to nature, indigenous traditions and personal exploration of consciousness as a path to our best lives. 
This quest to Peru represents me following a calling I have received loud and clear.


Jemma Gawned is deeply reverent to the Wisdom of all Indigenous peoples from around the World, and especially works with the wisdom of Andean Shamanic Path, the Cosmology of the Inca of Peru. She has extensive experience working with, facilitating and practising ritual and Ceremony both here in Australia and across the world, and spends many months a year learning from her Maestros in Peru and taking guided groups on an annual Spiritual Pilgrimage into the Andes Mountains across the Winter Solstice or Inti Raymi - the Andean New Year.



FlowTribe's participation

Jiro is taking a small group of clients and there is the opportunity for 4 more people to join (8 FlowTribers' in total) . We will be part of the wider group, organised by Jemma and her team. However those who are part of the FlowTribe group, are under my care (Jiro's) as well as under Jemma and the teams. 

This is an opportunity to combine both FlowTribe retreat with a Peru tour. Each Flow Triber will receive a coaching session leading up to the trip, special guidance and care during the quest as well as help with integration once back home. 

My intention is to hold the space for deep transformation, and my feeling is that having this extra layer of support before, during and after the adventure will be a powerful way to draw most wisdom and transformation from the experience.

Extra information

Almost everything is included (food also)  except for your flights. You will need some money for the odd extra meal, shopping - you will want to shop, trust me on this! - tipping and anything extra you might want to buy. 

It is highly recommended, in fact, necessary to arrive 3 days before out tour begins to acclimatise to the altitude and settle in. Please don't under estimate the altitude and the importance of giving yourself time to acclimatise so that you don't get sick. 

Please keep in mind that this is a highly personalised adventure. We have many Paqo's (Shamans) accompanying us every single day. Usually about 1 to every 3 or 4 people. You're well-being and our attention to your process and your needs is of the utmost importance to us. You are in very safe and loving hands. We have a maximum of 15 in our group. 

Please note, there will be some climbing and hiking which will require a moderate amount of fitness. 

Your Investment
17 nights/ 18 days all inclusive of accomodation, transfers, dinners, breakfasts and most lunches (on Ceremony days we will not be eating lunch)
Based on Double occupancy in beautiful accomodation (please note a few nights will be spent lodging with communities or camping when we are deep in the mountains.) Flights no included.

 $3700 USD for the trip, plus $800 to be part of the FlowTribe group of 8 = $4500.

Deposit required
$700 USD deposit required on booking, balance cash in USD on arrival. Apply below and payment details will be provided.

Flight details
Please fly in and out to Cusco airport - transfers to and from airport are included. 
Once you have booked please email me with your flight number and passport number. 
Please land at least 3 days before our tour begins. 

I hope you will join us in Peru! 

Have question or ready to apply?