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A 6 Week Journey to Deeper Tranquility, Peace & Flow



We live in a world of infinite information and limitless choice. You might think living our most flowing lives would be easy.

But the truth is that without a certain type of wisdom, life becomes a race.

The great news is that you already have the wisdom you need to be in flow - it's our natural way of being.

But actioning this "original wisdom" requires skilful practice and commitment.

When you commit to the practice, you connect with the natural flow of life and become aware of what you really want: 

A feeling of wholeness, peace and tranquility.

When we experience this, the powerful words of Lao Tzu hit home:

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.”

:: Lao Tzu


Join us & Learn How to Flow as Life Flows

We're taking 6 like-minded wisdom seekers on a 6 week guided journey.

You'll learn how to develop tranquility of mind, cultivate energy and connect with deep meaning, so you can thrive in the flow of life.

Come and learn the Art of Living in Flow.


Quick facts

  • Next Flow Pod starts in November 6th, 2018
  •  You can be located anywhere, and connect using technology
  • Small groups of 6 people, to maintain human connection


The 3 Pillars of Flow Pod

  • Meditation & breath-work

  • Movement & energy cultivation

  • Contemplation of wisdom

the 3 pillars


Meditation & breath-work

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Movement & energy cultivation

flow pod movement

Contemplation of wisdom

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Your pod gathers once a week for 6 weeks.

The gathering is a 90 minute group flow session, on live video (zoom). 

The flow session is structured in a way that allows us to:

  • Meditate together

  • Share, listen, connect, dialogue

  • Ask questions and receive feedback

  • Learn a specific practice for the week ahead

Throughout the week the group is connected via a private Facebook group only for Flow Podders, where challenges can be shared and progress reported. (If you’re not on Facebook, that’s ok- we can send resources via email).

We share video tutorials, learning resources, challenges and inspiration during the week.

How are the 6 weeks structured?

Week 1 & 2: Developing Tranquility of Mind

  • Experiencing meta awareness & understanding the mind

  • How to hone intuition so you can sense the world around you

  • Breathing & altered states and flow

  • How to use intention, affirmation, sound & mantra to develop peace of mind

  • Neuroplasticity and how to create new neural pathways

Week 3 & 4: Cultivating Life Force Energy

  • How to plug energy leakages & cultivate chi

  • The Chi Cycle and designing your day for optimal power & flow

  • Synchronicity, interconnection & life as “part of the whole”

  • Movement as a way to activate our body intelligence

  • Understanding and expressing different types of energy

Week 5 & 6: Connecting with Authentic Meaning & Vision

  • Learning how to develop original beliefs, values and vision

  • Getting friendly with fear and death

  • How to use maps of consciousness to sustain growth

  • Dialogue as an exploration of deeper meaning

  • The art of envisioning and “feeluaization”

  • Creating vision & meaning for your life

How much time commitment is required?

  • 90 minutes a week for the live session

  • Approximately an hour a day for “the practice”, which can be split into 2 or 3 chunks.

  • Of course, all 24 hours of the day (even sleep) are opportunities to practice.

When are the Live Flow Sessions?

We offer 2 options for timing. See the timezone's below and choose whether Pod #1 or #2 suits you best.

Flow Pod #1 will be suitable for those in US & Australia time zones.

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Flow Pod # 2 is suitable for those in European & Aus/ Asia time zones.

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I'm Jiro Taylor- the founder of Flowstate & FlowTribe. 

My passion is in holding the space for transformation to occur and potential to emerge.

I used to live a life in fear of failure, fear of not amounting to anything... and in constant dread of being exposed as being in fear. 

I broke that pattern when I went deep into flow, studied with flow masters and learned the codes of flow.

Since then I've danced at the intersection of science and spiritual practice and guided others on the path to wholeness. I'm so happy to be alive in this time, and I'm beyond optimistic about the power of the collective to remember our birth-right and powers so we can thrive on this planet.



Trent Banyan is a Flow-Master and Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Trent has a deep commitment to exploring his inner truths, and sharing with others what he learns, most recently in the addiction, mental health and Rites of Passage domains.

Trent is involved in various aspects of men’s work and has years of experience in facilitating transformational workshops and retreats. 

For those who know him, Trent is deeply loved and respected as a leader, and someone who walks the talk.  Trent's area of mastery is in cultivating and expressing chi (energy), and he'll be teaching practices that transform tiredness, anxiety or stress into higher states of being.





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The Investment

  • AU$888 (US$660)

What next?

Complete the form below to apply. If you have any questions, feel free to email jiro@flowstate.co


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