Want to spend 3 days Learning How to Flow?

We're inviting 8 open-minded flow-seekers to the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland, as we explore the nature within.

This is an opportunity to enjoy a transformational experience and activate powerful states of being. You will come away with a deeper connection to self, others and nature.

If you are on an inner growth path and seeking the wisdom to clarify, expand and achieve your visions, we welcome you to apply. 


Quick facts

  • September 14- 17 ( 3 nights)
  • Based in the Byron hinterland
  • Accomodation is high end & extremely comfortable
  • All inclusive (just get yourself here)
  • No prior experience required- Just an open mind & willing heart


What will you learn/ do?

By day

  • Nature exploration
  • Flow workshops
  • Qi Gong/ Yoga / meditation


  • Fire & story-telling
  • Dialogue sessions
  • Exploring deep breath-work

Our base is in the Byron Bay hinterland, and when we aren't around the fire, or enjoying work-shops in our luxury base, we're dropping into sacred rainforests, waterfalls and ocean. 

trent meditation.jpeg

Everyday you'll be guided into a movement practice, taught the Flowstate Meditation Method, practice Wim Hof breathing (and more) & be guided into altered states.


Every evening we gather to eat, talk, laugh around the fire and share our codes to a life a flow.. This is a time for sharing story and asking for support on the journey to full expression.

Your Guides

good one.jpg

My name is Jiro Taylor. I'm the founder of Flowstate & FlowTribe. 

I'm a guide to a global tribe of visionary entrepreneurs and flow-seekers. My passion is in holding the space for transformation to occur and potential to emerge.

I used to live a life in fear of failure, fear of not amounting to anything... and in constant dread of being exposed as being in fear. Quite the fear-based pickle I was in.

I broke that pattern when I went deep into flow, studied with flow masters and learned the flow codes.

Since then I've danced at the intersection of science and spiritual practice. I'm so happy to be alive in this time, and I'm beyond optimistic about the power of the collective to remember our birth-right and powers so we can thrive on this planet.


Trent Banyan is a Flow-Master and Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Trent has a deep commitment to exploring his inner truths, and sharing with others what he learns, most recently in the addiction, mental health and Rites of Passage domains.

Trent is involved in various aspects of men’s work and has years of experience in facilitating transformational workshops and retreats. 

For those who know him, Trent is deeply loved and respected as a leader, and someone who walks the talk. 

Trent's area of mastery is in cultivating and expressing chi (energy), and he'll be teaching practices that transform tiredness, anxiety or stress into higher states of being.



What to expect

  • Teaching on "9 codes of flow"

  • Nature Immersion  
  • Flow state science & practices  
  • Wim Hof Breathing... & beyond
  • Healthy food 
  • Waterfall Adventures 
  • Fire-side chats, laughs & story-telling
  • Guided Altered State Exploration
  • Yoga & esoteric acupuncture  

Key Takeaways

  • A tool-set of meditation, breath & flow practice for life

  • Deep friendships & a lot of fun
  • An introduction to The Flow Codex - a map to live in flow 
  • A clear vision for your future.
  • Inspiration to commit to flow practices that serve your highest needs

Logistics & Cost

  • Sept 14- 17 (3 nights/ 4 days) 


  • COST: AU$1500 | EARLY- BIRD $1250 (BEFORE Aug 14) 
  • Price is all inclusive minus flights & transfers

Have question or ready to apply?