6 ways to find meaning in life through Flow

In 2009 I was hustling away in the corporate world, spending my life in the skyscrapers of London and Hong Kong.

I was anxious, sick, overweight and desperate to escape life on the corporate hamster wheel.

On one hand I thought I knew all the answers. On the other, I was lost and confused. 

I had no maps, no mentors and I was dis-connected from my natural wisdom. My ego ran the show, putting on a front, and pretending to be important.

On the inside I felt profoundly insecure. I felt like I was dying inside. The deepest part of me, the creative, playful part of me... was withering away in the ego-fuelled world I was in.

Eventually my curiosity and courage outweighed my inertia and fear.

So I quit my high flying career and became a full time flow-junkie.

I embarked on a quest to experience flow states as often and deeply as possible.

Why? Because nothing - not wealth, not fancy holidays, not fast cars, investments or career success-  gave me a feeling of ALIVENESS that every cell in my body craved.


Flow became a (healthy) obsession.

I became addicted to the life force that flowed through me.

For the next 2 years I designed my life to experience flow in as many ways as possible, as deeply as possible and to draw as much learning from each experience as possible. 

I went deeply into 2 channels of flow exploration: 

1. Extreme adventure, fear and challenge-  surfing big waves, snowboarding down big mountains, free-diving.

2. Meditation, eastern spiritual practices, plant medicine, direct nature experience.

Over the coming years I studied with various masters of esoteric lineages whilst studying the neuroscience and psychology of flow and putting myself in as many flow conducive experiences as possible.

I also learned MANY more down to earth and simple channels to flow (such as deep, flowing conversation, dancing, listening to nature, playing guitar, cooking...).

jiro surf.jpeg

Connecting Dots through experience

Being able to directly experience what spiritual and scientific teachers were talking about allowed me to connect the dots quickly. I studied anthropology, biology, quantum physics, psychology, neuroscience and was able to find correlations. 

The correlations helped me find all the blockages to natural flow, and design a life where flow is a default state.

I discovered how live life as a unified flow experience.

In 2014 I launched The Flowstate Collective to teach others what I had discovered through coaching, retreats and the Flowstate podcast.

This is the crux of my discovery:

  • Flow is our highest state of aliveness
  • Learning to flow expands our self-awareness
  • Expanded self-awareness allows us to see and dismantle all that limits us
  • Removing what limits our expression is the path to our most meaningful lives.
  • A meaningful life is one that feels purposeful yet playful

If you want to explore this path towards your highest potential here are 6 steps to get started: 

  1. Get clear on what you LOVE doing. Do more of it. Play, explore, learn.. with passion.
  2. When you are doing what you love, pay attention to your state of mind - what do you notice?
  3. Notice the variables that knock you out of and into flow (like distraction, a lack of goal, trying to hard) 
  4. See if you can use those variables to create flow doing things you don't necessarily love... like taxes or flossing (can you set a time limit on your taxes. Can you be so attentive while flossing that it becomes a meditation)
  5. Begin paying attention throughout the day to your "state of being". Are you fully present?
  6. Decide to optimise your state of being by choosing flow, focus, gratitude, joy as emotions to flood your consciousness. Train your mind to be in these states. 

Next check out The Flow Codex: This is a powerful roadmap to living in the flow of life. 

There is much more you can do- and once you start peeling the onion, you find new layers. But this is a great start!

I'm curious - What are your favourite gateways to flow?

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