Mastering the Flow Cycle by Cherishing the Struggle

This last week I've been getting dragged down STRUGGLE STREET.  

Ive been on the bumpy ride of doubt and indecision and all the struggle that comes with blurriness of vision. 

It's been a sobering reminder that everything in life spirals or cycles, including flow. 

Fortunately, I've been through so many of these "flow cycles" that the trough/ dip/ pain is something I've come to savour.

The simple fact is that you LEARN MORE about yourself in the struggle phases than you do in the "life is so flowy and eaaaaaazy that I could do this with my eyes closed" phase. 

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Jiro Taylor
6 ways to find meaning in life through Flow

Being able to directly experience what spiritual and scientific teachers were talking about allowed me to connect the dots quickly. I studied anthropology, biology, quantum physics, psychology, neuroscience and was able to find correlations. 

The correlations helped me find all the blockages to natural flow, and design a life where flow is a default state.

I discovered how live life as a unified flow experience.

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