Welcome to FlowTribe

Together, we’re creating a community of pioneers connecting the dots between inner change & global change.

You’re part of a global expansion of consciousness that is rippling through the world. 

You understand that changing the world means changing yourself. 

You sense that the solutions to our greatest global challenges requires new ways of being.

But not everyone around you does. 

FlowTribe exists to connect with the people, conversations, techniques, technologies and ideas that will expand your ability to grow and contribute to global change.

Connect with those who resonate on your frequency.


Learn how developing yourself & contributing to the whole is the same thing

"Reality is made of circles, but we see straight lines". - Peter Senge

Your Inner World

Learn meditation, breath work, visualisation & energy cultivation

Explore beliefs, meaning & values

Learn flow neuroscience, psychology & philosophy

Navigate maps of consciousness

Explore non-ordinary states of consciousness

Your Outer World

Develop daily habits & master self-awareness practices

Connect with nature & align with natural cycles and energy sources

Give/receive as part of a community 

Learn advanced flow practices, science and esoteric wisdom

Learn how to architect your life for balance, joy and continual learning

Your Gifts to the World

Express yourself creatively, authentically & vulnerably

Join the dialogue on planetary challenges & opportunities for purpose driven entrepreneurs and thinkers

Prototype & pioneer new models and pathways of contribution 

Develop mastery and become an innovator, systems thinker & change-maker

When you put it all together, you're "Living in Flow"

Inspired by the universe, nature and indigenous wisdom traditions, we illuminate an integrative approach to growth that connects the dots between self-development, culture shifts and systemic change.

1. [INDIVIDUAL: FLOW CONSCIOUSNESS] Connect with your inner wisdom

2. [COLLECTIVE: FLOW CULTURE] Design your lifestyle, habits and culture

3. [SYSTEMIC: FLOW CONTRIBUTION]  Give back your ideas and energy to the eco-system you are part of

"Do not look outside for the leaders. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for."

Thomas Banyacya
Hopi Native American traditional leader

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."

John Muir
Naturalist & environmental philosopher

"And it turns out that tribes, not money, not factories, can change our world, that can change politics, that can align large numbers of people. Not because you force them to do something against their will. But because they wanted to connect."

Seth Godin
Author, Entrepreneur & Innovator

Our ambition is to support 100k people directly through FlowTribe. Here's how we plan to do it:

A Digital Place to call home

The FlowTribe app is a bullshit free digital space exclusively available for members to access information and join the conversation. This is where you get:

  • The daily flow of ideas and questions
  • Support on how to Live in Flow
  • Self-awareness "How to" video guides
  • Fortnightly live Q&A sessions
  • Monthly flow dialogues
  • "Humans in flow" interview series

Retreats, social meet-ups & workshops 

What sort of tribe doesn't have an occasional dance around a fire, ceremony, or friendly get-together? Not this one.

It is all about the sweet spot of online information flow and offline connections.

Social meet-ups will emerge organically in areas of member concentration, and FlowTribe members get exclusive invites to immersive retreats and workshops.

We will also keep you in the loop on what other teachers and companies in the "human potential" and systems change space are up to... because that what communities are for.

Prototype & Share Ideas

As we (and our partners) create new products and programs, FlowTribe members will be invited to prototype, test and give feedback. This will include "quantifiable self", bio-feedback products, mindfulness training, flow state optimisation programs and more.

Members are encouraged to share their own ideas for products, services and programs that could contribute to raising global consciousness, and use the FlowTribe network to attract advice,collaboration, partnerships or testing opportunities. 

What practice, idea, product or service has been bouncing around your mind lately?

"What you are the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.’ "

Jiddu Krishnamurti

"The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. "

William James
Author & Philosopher

"Systems thinking is a discipline for seeing wholes. It is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing ‘patterns of change’ rather than static ‘snapshots.’ Through learning it we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life "

Peter Senge
Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability at the MIT Sloan School of Management

Hey! My name is Jiro Taylor...

I'm the founder of The Flowstate Collective & FlowTribe.

For the last 15 years I've searched for ways to live my most meaningful life.

I realised that for the world to change, I must change.

So I focused on learning and applying techniques that raised my self-awareness, and expanded my ability to sense, feel and act from a place of inner trust.

Now, I serve as a strategic partner to purpose driven companies, work closely with founders/ CEOs to expand their self-awareness and vision, and travel the world running retreats and workshops that help connect the dots between self-development and global transformation. 

FlowTribe is an initiative I've envisioned for years: a community existing to provide support, camaraderie, inspiration and wisdom to those embarking on the path of inner leadership and global transformation.

I can't wait to see you on the inside!

Shoot me any questions to [email protected] 

Flow Tribe launches on September 15th, 2017

Click the button to enrol, and be part of the story


Is FlowTribe a cult?

We're kinda the anti-cult.

We reject dogma.  We steer away from labels.

We don't claim to know the truth or have all the answers. 

We won't try and convince you of anything. So, apart from the full moon orgies, I guess we are pretty "un-culty". (that was a joke).

Can I just get the content in an online course format?

No- that would be silly. When you are exploring the infinite mystery of human potential, there is no single path.

Sustained growth will not come from one retreat, guru, book, program or workshop.

FlowTribe is designed to help YOU be the pioneer of your human potential

To do this, you'll want to:

  1.  absorb a wide diverse range of ideas, wisdom sources and perspectives
  2. rigorously apply what you learn through new experiences
  3. develop the ability to merge logic and reason with your intuition, to arrive at your own "truths" and share your experiences with others

FlowTribe is designed to help you do this.

What kind of people join FlowTribe?

Our members are open minded wisdom seekers who are interested in human potential. In terms of demographics, its a wide spread of people from different continents and professions. 

Generally speaking, FlowTribe will attract rational, philosophical people who ask themselves the deep questions and are critically & curiously open-minded when it comes to the mysteries of life.

We attract people who are grounded to this earth and dimension enough to want to be part of transforming it.

We integrate the spiritual with the science, and appreciate forays into the deep woo as much as we appreciate hardcore, peer-reviewed scientific research.

But at the end of the day... truth is in each of our own experiences. If you dig that approach, this is for people like you.

If you actually just want to follow a set of rules, a book or a leader.... THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. There's this thing called "religion" you may want to check out.


How much time should I set aside for FlowTribe?

It’s really up to you! Whether you regularly post in our community or attend events, or are more of an observer who chimes in when you need a hand, we’re here for you.

Many of our members check in daily to see what’s happening. But others check in once or twice a week. We send out a weekly newsletter with highlights, exclusive training, and inspiration so you don’t miss the important stuff.

What’s the commitment?

Other than showing up with authenticity and engaging in honest and open conversations, there is no commitment.

You can leave anytime – no questions asked.

Where is the community hosted?

We know Facebook groups can be incredibly distracting and kinda lame.

That’s why we’ve partnered with MightyNetworks to host a distraction-free community on its own site. You can even download an app to keep up with the community on the go!

Is the community full of self-promotion?

FlowTribe is about real connections and wisdom sharing.

It's a place to connect with people a few steps ahead of you, and support those a few steps behind. 

It's a place to get quick answers to questions, get access to tried and tested techniques and bounce ideas and breakthroughs with trusted community members. 

This is a place to make real connections with other amazing humans around the world.

It's not a place for spammy promotion. 

However, feel free to invite members to an event or program that is on-topic (defined as: anything that contributes to expanding consciousness).

What is the refund policy?

Simple! We don't do retrospective refunds, but you can cancel at any time.


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