Welcome to FlowTribe

Do you hunger for a community of inspirational humans with whom you can share experiences and learn how to keep on growing?

If you’re nodding your head, FlowTribe is probably for you.


FlowTribe is community of growth-seekers around the world with something in common:

The desire to live with presence, performance and purpose.... to live in the flow of life. 

Humanity is on a trajectory of increasing dis-harmony.

We see it around us. We feel it within us.

Now, more than ever we need to accelerate our development, so we can meet the future with wisdom.

The development of self is no longer a luxury - It's our responsibility. 

For the world to transform, we must transform.

FlowTribe is a community of explorers on this path.


"Since connecting with Flowstate, I've had so much inner growth, begun to increase my awareness, and have a better sense of purpose. My biggest challenges is the lack of others that I can share my learnings with, ask questions and get feedback. This is exactly the hole that FlowTribe will fill and that is a huge opportunity to help me level up."

Billy Binder
Growth-Seeker | Atlanta, USA

"I always feel energised and inspired meeting like-minded, progressive and active changemakers. It reinforces that we're all connected & we all catalyse each others creations - I'm so excited to join an awakened tribe doing epic shit worldwide."

Gemma Freeman
Change-Maker | Sydney, Australia

"I'm joining FlowTribe to grow my true inner self and contribute to the whole. I'm hooked by the idea that the whole of human development- socially, technically and spiritually- has brought us to a point, where all of us can actually make a difference."

Philipp Eibach
Artist | Berlin, Germany

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Is Your Growth sustainable?

Ever gone to a retreat or read a mind-blowing book that just changes everything?

Your previous perceptions are ripped apart. You make changes, and find flow.

The momentum peaks after a few weeks, months... maybe a year.... and then it fizzles out.

Old habits kick in. Your commitment fades. Before you know it you're caught up in the whirlwind of modern life.

You know why? Because that's synthetic transformation... It doesn't last.

Despite what the self-help guru's are telling us, there is no magic pill.

Have you ever noticed how nature thrives?

There are networks and ecosystems. There is constant adaptation to change. Everywhere we look there are natural cycles of giving and receiving. 

As part of nature, this is also how you thrive, and how your awakening becomes not something to force, but something that emerges.

FlowTribe is a community of people all on this journey.

Why stumble through this alone, when you can do it with your tribe?


What do you get?

We blend online and offline to create a community vibe, a place to connect every day, and a way to create real relationships with your community


We have created a distraction free deep interests network. 

Everyday, from your desktop or smart-phone you can:

  • Ask questions and get quick answers from the community
  • Share your experiences and learn from others

  • Watch videos that teach you flow practices 

  • Enjoy interviews with fellow tribe members
  • Get invites to live round-table dialogues, Q&As and monthly flow challenges

  • Connect with people who live near you or share similar interests


  • Social meet-ups (FlowJams) emerge organically in areas of member concentration
  • FlowTribe members get exclusive invites to the annual FlowTribe Adventure Retreat, and invites to special expansion experiences and nature immersions
  • If you feel it, you'll be invited to partake in interviews, surveys, prototypes, research projects and new innovations in the flow, mindfulness and quantifiable self domains.
  • Joining FlowTribe puts you right at the emerging edge of an exciting social/ spiritual/ scientific movement to explore what we are truly capable of! 

"I have been trying to explore a life of Flow by myself for a few years now, but I have been struggling with the lack of community support. I feel like this could be a massive step forward!"

Max Robinson
Explorer of Flow | Cornwall, UK

"I wish to surround myself with like-minded people, on a similar journey, but slightly ahead so that I can stretch and grow and continue to learn the path of flow. I want to surround myself with epic people, find my tribe and live life to its fullest."

Lisa Finch
Beautiful Human | Central Coast, Australia

"I want to thrive at the highest potential during my time on Earth. I want to get fear and rage out of my system, and stoke the inner authenticity that shines through now and then until it is the fundamental way of my life. I want to feel free, rather than like I’m hiding."

Scott Patty
Freedom Hunter | USA

Who is holding this space?

We're the day-to-day crew, and we're supported by a collective of Flowstate catalysts

Jiro Taylor

I'm the founder of Flowstate and the host of FlowTribe.  I'm on a mission to live in the flow of life and contribute to this beautiful planet we live on.

My work is in helping others achieve sustainable inner growth, and working with businesses to optimise their meaning and positive impact. 

I find my flow through writing and playing in the oceans, jungles and forests of the world.

Ilana Wetzler

Currently living in Berlin, Ilana is a curious explorer and a master of facilitation, coaching, and connecting the dots between inner change and systems change. 

She spends her days with high-impact system changers, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and meaningful organisations around the world.

But mostly, she loves hugging puppies.

Macy Anderson

Based in the US, Macy helps keep the community flowing and is the go to for questions and support on how to use the site and feedback you have for ideas to make FlowTribe more awesome.

Macy is a natural at living in the flow of life - a curious go-getter who has that gift of landing on her feet and making life look effortless. 


What is the purpose of FlowTribe?

Quite simply, we want to contribute to people and planet in the most impactful way we can. We believe the foundational component of this mission is to help individuals like you optimise harmony with self, each other, and with nature. That is to say, to "live in the flow of life".

To support this vision, we allocate profits to other projects that elevate human consciousness and support our planet. 

Some of these projects will be other Flowstate projects, or collaborations with people in the Flowstate network. But we will also contribute to causes we feel aligned with.

Members of FlowTribe will be part of choosing this allocation and will therefore be part of contributing in this way to our mission. 

What happens after once you click the button?

You fill in your details, and then you'll be directed to a page that allows you to subscribe, pay for, download and login to your FlowTribe membership platform.

Then you can introduce yourself to the community, browse through some resources, look for people in your local area or ask for support in a specific area. 

Can I just get the content in an online course format?

That would contradict the whole point of FlowTribe. 

There is no single path or 8 week course that will make your life suddenly awesome.

FlowTribe is your community for life! It is designed to help YOU develop into a self-reliant pioneer of your human potential. 

What kind of people join FlowTribe?

Our members are open minded wisdom seekers who are interested in human potential and dedicated to growth and learning. In terms of demographics, its a wide spread of people of ages, professions and nationalities... and we are spread globally.

Generally speaking, FlowTribe will attract rational people who ask themselves the deep questions and are critically & curiously open-minded when it comes to the mysteries of life. 

How much time should I set aside for FlowTribe?

It’s really up to you! Check in daily to see what’s happening... or once or twice a week. We send out a weekly newsletter with highlights, exclusive training, and inspiration so you don’t miss the important stuff.

Where is the community hosted?

We know Facebook groups can be incredibly distracting and unfocused.

That’s why we’ve partnered with MightyNetworks to host a distraction-free community on its own site. You can even download an app to keep up with the community on the go!

Will the community be full of self-promotion?

No way. We want to get away from all of that noise. FlowTribe is about real connections and wisdom sharing. 

It's a place to get quick answers to questions, get access to tried and tested techniques and bounce ideas and breakthroughs with trusted community members. 

This is a place to make real connections with other amazing humans around the world.

It's not a place for promotion. 

However, feel free to invite members to an event or program that is on-topic (defined as: anything that contributes to expanding consciousness).

What is the cost & refund policy?

US$24.99 per month (approximately AU$31.99 per month), and you get a 7 day free trial.

This contribution allows us to allocate time and resources to creating a quality community and service, and support other projects within Flowstate and outside of Flowstate that are also focused on expanding human consciousness.

We don't do retrospective refunds- so if you pay monthly or annually you are committing to that time period. Beyond that, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. 

Have you found your Tribe?

Join us today & you'll get 7 days free to feel the vibes of the Tribe


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